Video & Camcorder Tapes

Did you know that the lifespan for a video cassette tape is only ~10 years? Time, heat, light, atmosphere and usage all play significant parts in degrading the image quality on your video tape, now is the time to get those precious family memories digitised and preserved for the next generation and future ones to come. We have made it very easy for you get your video and camcorder tapes processed, we only charge per tape no matter what the format or length is so you know up front exactly what it will cost you. Once your tape has been processed you will receive your new digital video in .mp4 format.

Cine Film

Cine film is now a very old format and over time, just like video and audio tapes, it will degrade and so you risk losing forever the precious irreplaceable memories that they contain. There are normally 4 types of common cine reel sizes and we process them by the reel which is normally per 50ft. Like video we don’t want you to worry about what format you have, it is just the amount of footage that is important. Once your cine film has been processed you will receive your new digital video in .mp4 format which you will be able to enjoy for generations to come!

Photo Scanning

We understand how valuable your memories are so we take great care in handling your precious slides, negatives and photos. All of your memories are scanned utilising our state of the art technology to deliver you with the best possible digital version of your original. We like to make it simple for you to send us your images, so we don’t care what format you send us, just count up the number of individual images you have and enter the total quantity when you place your order. All digital images are provided as a hi-resolution .jpg format and are processed in the order received.

Family Photo Album Scanning

Many of our most cherished photographs are viewed in our family photo albums, photos are glued in or placed behind the protective transparent sheet which has now bonded to the photo. This is why we digitise your whole album, so there is no risk of damaging the photographs by trying to remove them. Every page is scanned in its entirety and returned to you in .pdf format allowing you to create photo books replicating your photo album.

Family Album Upgrade

If you would like each individual photograph from your photo album as separate digital images we can do that to. Just select this option when placing your order.

Photograph Restoration

Our fantastic designers digitally repair every image by hand and mouse! It doesn’t matter whether your photo has become sun bleached from hanging on the wall, creased and ripped, or drawn on by one of the children, we can digitally restore that precious memory back to its former glory. We can even take black and white images and convert them to colour, remove people or objects as well as add people or objects in. We ask only one thing, provide us with as much information as possible, full colour instructions or reference images for us to work from, as we will always need 50% of the section of imagery to recreate the missing piece!

Audio Cassette Tapes

Mix tapes, special voice recordings, answer machine messages and those important Dictaphone notes are all subject to the same degradation as video tapes. Once we have processed your tapes you will receive your new digital audio in .mp3 format.

Memory Card, DVD & USB Copies

If you already have some existing digital memories and would like more copies or transferring to another media type, we are here to help you with that as well. All of our services above are returned on a Disc, and you can have extra Disc copies or your order on a USB as well.

We safely convert your old home movies, photographs and memories into new digital versions.

So, you can share them with your family, friends and loved ones.


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